Unions Targeting Ports, Airlines And Stores Over Holiday Weekend

Stuart Varney Interviews Michelle Malkin: Unions Target Airlines, Ports, and Stores ahead of Holidays

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Why do these power-hungry thugs have to try and ruin everyone’s holiday?   They’ve been planning this for months, full knowing that they were going to disrupt and hurt innocent people in the process…and they don’t care.

Fox News reports on the travel nightmare unions have deliberately created at LAX:

A labor dispute at America’s third busiest airport turned what was already a bad travel day into a nightmare for some travelers.

One of the nation’s biggest unions snarled traffic as it tried to block two entrances into the Los Angeles International airport Wednesday, in a protest police feared would turn the streets outside into a parking lot at a time when tens of thousands of cars are pouring into the airport.

Read more at Fox News

What’s so important that SEIU has to torture people who just trying to get home to see their families for Thanksgiving?

Ben Shapiro explains at Breitbart:

They say that an airport contract is breaking the city law on living wages – which, of course, is nonsense, since that would be prosecutable. They also say that the contractor has eliminated “affordable healthcare” for over 400 workers. Which is, again, bull. After all, can’t the SEIU just rely on Obamacare?

Leave it to the unions to ruin Thanksgiving. They’ve ruined every other day of the year.

Read more at Breitbart

Talk about selfishness!   I doubt this will leave people with much sympathy for their whiny grievances or any desire to join them.   But no matter.   The unions are already implementing their strategy to boost membership: intimidation and force.

The Daily Caller reports that George Soros‘ puppet MoveOn.org has been working to rally Walmart workers to strike on Black Friday in order to force the company to unionize:

MoveOn.org has jumped into the fight for a unionized Wal-Mart workforce.

The liberal group has sent emails to its list nationwide, urging a mass-protest outside Wal-Mart stores on Black Friday. The organization is encouraging people to strike against management even if they aren’t Wal-Mart employees themselves.

[..]  Black Friday is traditionally the busiest shopping day of the year.

[…]  Liberal union groups OUR Wal-Mart and Making Change at Wal-Mart, which are working to organize the planned strike, are aggressively trying to harness dues from Wal-Mart’s massive workforce.

But Wal-Mart is notorious for opposing organized labor’s efforts to unionize its workforce.

At every turn, since the days Sam Walton ran the company, Wal-Mart has mostly won its battles against those unions. That hasn’t stopped the nation’s big labor unions from continually trying to pry their way into the Arkansas-headquartered superstore chain, however.

Read more at the Daily Caller

They’re desperate to unionize as many new people as they can.  They need the forced dues that let them buy politicians and power.

Now they’re planning to shut down the Port of Portland so that no shipments of Christmas cheer can get through.

This is the sick mentality we’re dealing with, people: the ends justify the means, no matter who they hurt.

Black Friday Walmart Protests Reek of Obama White House

SEIU workers to strike tonight at Oakland International Airport; more port strikes on horizon

More Big Labor-induced misery: The looming port strike

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