Conservatives Can Win The Meme Wars

How to turn a liberal meme back in their faces, 101.

Remember Obama’s “The Life of Julia“?   Well, a few clever conservatives have given her a face: 

…or at least a body:

Welcome to the internet meme wars.

In the hash tag wars on Twitter (see #Julia and #AttackWatch), conservatives are way ahead of the game.

But when it comes to meme images going viral on Facebook and other social media sites, conservatives have some catching up to do.

Take YourECards, for example.  These are incredibly popular on Pinterest and Facebook.  Conservatives have made a few clever ones, but not nearly as many as liberals have, and none of which have really gone viral:

You get the idea. A successful meme takes off because it’s brief, funny, and scathingly truthful. Even people who normally avoid politics often can’t help but share, pin, or re-tweet a meme that makes them laugh and confess, “this is so true!”  Give it a whirl and create your own here.

There is nothing so effective as humor in getting your message across in a way that is hard to dispute or dismantle. A leftist trying to hit back against a humorous message risks coming across as bitter, thin-skinned and unable to take a joke or acknowledge the underlying truth (but I repeat myself).

These memes made of a photo of a liberal college girl, for instance, are bitingly accurate:

And there’s more where that came from.

The jabs at Obama are just as varied and creative, and you can easily take images like these and change the text with a meme generator (click on images):

Obama - Continue every single policy of bush's that your supporters  hated They still think you're better somehow


 Or, you can take a popular pic of the president and get creative on your own:

Some of these are just begging for a caption:

I’d love to see some memes made with Sharpton, Franken, Jesse Jackson, Michael Moore, Gore, Fluke, Pelosi, Reid…

So what are you waiting for?   It’s time to put the left on the defensive with humor!

What Is An Internet ‘Meme’?

Internet memes are trench warfare in an election year

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