Obama Encourages Mob Mentality


Supporting mob frenzies and civil unrest is not leadership. History teaches us it’s the kind of behavior that dictators encourage in order to grab more power. Real leaders aren’t interested in fomenting this kind of unlawful behavior.

James Lewis warns at American Thinker:

In another historic first, President Obama’s backers are actively whipping up mobs.  Not just the Occupoopers of Wall Street, but also Twitter mobs, Facebook mobs, and flash mobs.

Every active conservative should spend some time on social media sites to see liberals whipping each other into a frenzy.  Know your enemy — and if you don’t like the word “enemy” (I don’t), consider what Saul Alinsky calls you. You may not consider yourself their enemy, but that’s how they think about you.  Ignore it at your peril.

The Obama campaign loves to boast about its use of  Facebook and Twitter to push The One over the top last time.  With Facebook claiming 700 million members, the potential for political mayhem is huge.

This is David Axelrod’s specialty of astroturfing.  Obama has become O’mobba: he is the first president in history to give his official public blessing to “idealistic” anti-capitalist mobs.

There is no doubt that these organized “spontaneous” mobs will be used in the election campaign.  Be prepared to face nasty, vicious lowbrow mobs with iPhones and iPads.

The poopers last week dumped a tub full of their diapers’ products in a Chase ATM vestibule in Lower Manhattan.  They have finally discovered their bottom line.

They are now talking about the revolutionary necessity for violence.  An Occumobster from Austin, TX recently wrote to USA Today promising to “take up  … guns and storm Wall Street and our nation’s capitals.”  Don’t doubt that this is a deliberate, purposeful campaign, designed to frighten and dehumanize normal people (like Tea Party members) in order to keep the radical left in power.

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