Buffet’s Poor, Overtaxed Secretary Makes Over $200K, Qualifies For Tax Hikes On ‘The Rich’ Under Obama Plan

Warren Buffett’s secretary makes four times the amount of pretty much everyone I know, and we’re supposed to feel sorry for her, as some sort of “victim” because her boss supposedly isn’t paying his “fair share” of taxes?  Puh-lease!

The Smoking Gun reports that she is treated so unfairly that she was recently able to buy only a second house:

Despite a heavy tax burden, Warren Buffett’s secretary last year was able to purchase a second home in Arizona, a residence complete with a swimming pool and a “professional PGA putting green,” according to real estate records.

Steve Stanek of the New York Post observes that her income is actually high enough to qualify her for the tax hikes on “the rich” that Obama keeps  pushing for:

As stage props go, $200,000 is pretty pricey. But that’s the low end of how much Warren Buffett’s secretary earns in a year, based on IRS tax tables and the information she’s made public.

Still less than her billionaire boss, but still. Can anyone fail to see the irony of President Obama inviting Debbie Bosanek to sit by his wife for his State of the Union Address to use her as an example of tax unfairness, when the Buffett aide likely earns enough to put a bullseye on her back for the tax hikes Obama has long called for on higher earners?

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