Christianity, Federalism and Social Justice

It appears that there are two popular definitions of “social justice”. One involves an individual who chooses to give freely to people in need; this one is historically referred to as charity. The other requires the use of government force under the guise of good will to seize production from one and give to another. This one is nothing but theft and historically results in little less than slavery. Unfortunately, this is what most people mean when they speak of social justice.

Christians often support the social justice movement because they have been led to believe that government enforced redistribution represents a selfless act, thereby an act of charity. As a Christian myself, I must ask what selfless act was performed and by whom? Does the government that administers such a program act selflessly or do they act in their own best interest? Are the politicians honorable statesmen or are they corrupt and self-serving?  Is the Church that sponsor’s such an act selfless, or is it frustrated by its failure to elicit charitable action from free men? Are you as an individual acting without regards to self, or do you somehow believe that the way to win hearts is by force? Is it selfless to force someone under penalty of law to provide for another?

All social justice advocates should consider this: How can “justice” arbitrarily be redefined by the creation of law that takes property from one man that has committed no crime and gives it to another who has offered no service to earn it? That is injustice, by definition.

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One Response to “Christianity, Federalism and Social Justice”

  • Joel Garcia says:

    Thanks for sharing this with us… I see so many good, Christian kids who don’t understand this and think the term social justice “is so cool”. In a nutshell, you’ve been able to dissect it and communicate it well.

    Thank you

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